Business Growth covers a variety of specialist areas, all of which focus on improving control of your business or growing and attracting your customer base.

The Key Challenges for the Company

Senior executives are often faced with problems specific to their position that their previous roles have not prepared them for. However, executives are still expected to make the decisions that drive the company forward. You do not want to spend your time fighting fires, or rushing from one crisis to the next. Good leaders understand where they have knowledge gaps and look for help to address these problems.



Depending on your individual needs, I help business owners or senior executives put in place the steps necessary to grow the value of the business, and improve individual performance.

  • Owners of SME's

    I use the proprietary C.A.S.T.L.E. system to give you a toolkit that will grow your businesses more profitably, create a valuable enterprise that runs on its own, and allows you to work on your business instead of for it.

  • Senior Executives

    I work with you to look for ways to improve the strategic, tactical and operational areas of your business or find solutions to specific problems

  • Professional Sales Training

    I offer standard or tailor-made sales training for beginners, experienced sales people and sales managers

  • Professional Service Firms

    I demonstrate the nine-step approach designed to attract clients to a professional service provider, and the two core values critical for long-term success

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