Each session will last 60 minutes.

The coaching schedule is structured in consultation with each individual client.

To be truly effective, a minimum six month commitment is expected.

The frequency of the sessions will depend on a variety of factors, including:-

Your position within the company

The more senior your position, the more impact your behavior and management style will have on the company and staff. Subsequently, the more impact improvements from coaching will have on the company and staff. Senior level positions most commonly require weekly sessions to begin with, ensuring the maximum benefit of the coaching. This could be reduced as improvements are made, although most senior executives prefer to maintain a high impact routine.

The nature of the problem/s.

The more complex or potentially damaging the issue, the higher the frequency of the coaching required.


For coaching to have the biggest impact, regular sessions are essential. However, the sessions have to allow for existing work demands. This will be discussed before the schedule is agreed upon.


Fees are agreed before any sessions begin.

Clients can choose either hourly or monthly rates depending on their individual needs.

The fees include face to face sessions, email support and telephone support where needed.

The first consultation is free with no commitment.

If applicable and required, Travel costs and 360 Degree Analysis will be charged separately.


Please note: Clients wishing to cancel or postpone a booked session must do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice.